Jen Rubio and Steph Korey are the co-founders of Away, the American suitcase brand that is taking off! Created in 2016, after a fundraising of $ 81 million, Away is now a company of 200 people , supplies 40 countries, owns 5 stores in the United States, the last in Chicago and is taking over the European market with a new space of 280 m2 in London.

Their suitcases with simple design and soft colors are made in an unbreakable hull. Guaranteed for life, they offer innovative solutions such as the integrated ejectable battery, a compression system within the cabin to save space, an integrated laundry bag. 500,000 suitcases including the "Carry On", the first or the "Bigger Carry-On", their flagship product have been sold around the world.

Eager to facilitate travel and provide simple solutions to travelers, the two entrepreneurs offers a new nomadic lifestyle, opened to the world, and committed. Their first action was to create a partnership with the "Peace Direct" association that wishes to perpetuate peace in the world with local means .

Each purchased suitcase participates in this effort. A real nice project!

It was therefore natural that Plume Voyage and Capsule de Plume offer them an "In My Suitcase" interview!


Are you more of a hand-carry, trunk, suitcase or no-luggage person ?

: I rarely use a travel bag, especially if I have to travel to several destinations with short transits. I prefer the suitcase of our brand Away aluminum Bigger Carry-On Aluminum, possibly the bag The Everywhere Bag, smaller.

STEPH KOREY: I have two preferences for my travels: the Away Carry-on bag with Green Pocket in Green, very practical with its nylon outer compartment and the asphalt backpack, and when I travel to ski or I go on vacation and I bring back a lot of memories for my family, I use the bag The Large in Navy. With its unbreakable polycarbonate shell and built-in compression system, it can hold everything!

Your suitcase transits rather by plane, boat, car, train, on your back or not at all?

JEN RUBIO: It depends on my destination, but I fly for my business trips. I often leave New York for the West Coast or Europe. If I'm on holiday in Europe, I love taking the train. We can see more of the country this way.

STEPH KOREY: I use all means of locomotion! I fly to travel far, of course, but I also like to take the car to explore the surroundings of New York and when I'm in Asia, I love taking the train.

Is your suitcase very organized or a bit of a jumble ?

: The inside of my suitcase is always tidy, but the outside of my luggage, like my aluminum suitcase, is dented, full of marks, and stickers from all the places I've traveled. It reminds me of all my travels.

STEPH KOREY: Using boxes of flexible storage was the best advice I could have to organize my suitcase. It was Jen who advised me! It's so convenient that we launched our own storage line at Away (The Insider Packing Cubes). They are perfect because they can be stored as drawers. We do not waste time searching your suitcase to find something.

Packing cubes by  AWAY

Packing cubes by AWAY

Jade facial roller by  Daily Concepts

Jade facial roller by Daily Concepts

Garment bag by  AWAY

Garment bag by AWAY

Eye Mask by  Liberty London

Eye Mask by Liberty London

What are the essentials for your wash-bag ?

JEN RUBIO: I take the travel size of my favorite beauty products that are CAP Beauty facial mist, Balance roll-on by Vitruvi and IGK dry shampoo.

STEPH KOREY: I pack all the toiletries in my Away Dopp Kit. I take the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser (now available in travel size!), Tata Harper's Face Oil, and the 'Jet Lag Fridays' Mask to keep my skin hydrated and bright especially when I'm tired.

Clever TIPS

JEN RUBIO: A noise-canceling helmet, essential for the airport, a silk eye mask so that I can sleep anywhere, almonds in case I'm hungry on the flight.

STEPH KOREY: An Everlane sweater as it is usually cold on the plane, The Slack app on my phone, so I can keep in touch with my team and stay informed of messages wherever I am, moisturizing lip balm, like Glossier's Dotcom balm.

The Everywhere bag by  AWAY

The Everywhere bag by AWAY

Aluminum Suitcase by  AWAY

Aluminum Suitcase by AWAY

Facial mist by  Cap Beauty

Facial mist by Cap Beauty

Face Cleanser by  Glossier

Face Cleanser by Glossier

The Dopp Kit by  AWAY

The Dopp Kit by AWAY

Lip balm by  Glossier

Lip balm by Glossier

Tips for traveling? A particular habit?

I love doing mini facials when I travel by plane. Many people find it odd to wear a face mask on the plane, but the air inside the cabin is really desiccating. So I think this is the best time to fill up with ultra-moisturizing products. I like Dr. Jart's masks, and I end with a jade roll-on along my face, which helps to reduce puffiness.

STEPH KOREY: My travel tip to avoid jet lag is that once I get to the airport, I mentally prepare for the time zone of the country I'm going to. I do not sleep on the plane unless it is dark in the country in question. Otherwise, I take care of different ways to keep myself awake, like reading a book or watching Adam Grant's WorkLife podcast.

What are your favourite destinations?

JEN RUBIO: My favorite place in the world is Tofino, a small island off Vancouver, Canada. I have a deep love for the Pacific Northwest and Tofino looks like this secluded corner of paradise. I also like going to Marrakech.

STEPH KOREY: My husband and I have a home in Nantucket and we like to welcome our friends and family whenever we can. Most people think that Nantucket is a summer destination, but my favorite time of year is in winter, when the whole city is decorated for Christmas and it's really festive and cheerful.

Carry-On suitcase by  AWAY

Carry-On suitcase by AWAY

Dry shampoo by  IGK

Dry shampoo by IGK

Backpack by  AWAY

Backpack by AWAY

Jet Lag mask by  Summer Fridays

Jet Lag mask by Summer Fridays

Medium Suitcase case by  AWAY

Medium Suitcase case by AWAY

What is your perfect travel outfit ?

JEN RUBIO: I often go straight to the airport when I get out of the office and go straight for dinner or a drink as soon as I land, I travel in clothes that are comfortable, elegant and versatile that I can easily wear, day and night. I usually take a blazer - like the one I just bought at Blazé Milano. It matches with everything, on a black dress or with jeans. I also take silk blouses, my Balenciaga boots, a vintage leather jacket, and my favorite jewels.

STEPH KOREY: I always go for comfort and essential things so I wear jeans, comfortable shoes. I'm a fan of the Theory mesh, perfect for traveling because they do not fold. And then a swimsuit! I can always need it.

A travel souvenir?

JEN RUBIO: Hemelhuijs is one of my favorite restaurants in Cape Town. They serve all their dishes in their own plates that you can buy. I recently offered a set of hand-painted cups by Jacques Erasmus for a friend's housewarming.

STEPH KOREY: An ornament for our Christmas tree! Christmas is my favorite holiday, so I love bringing a new ornament to every trip as a souvenir.

What would be your dream destination?

JEN RUBIO: I went to many African countries, but never to Namibia. The salt marshes and Sossusvlei dunes seem straight out of a dream or surrealist painting. My dream trip is a week being off-grid, passing through the Namib Desert and ending in the seaside town of Swakopmund.

STEPH KOREY: Harbor Island, Bahamas. Although I have been there only a few times, this is where my husband and I got married, so it's a really special place for both of us and I'm always happy to come back.

Balance Roll-on by  Vitruvi

Balance Roll-on by Vitruvi

Sheet Mask by  Dr.Jart+

Sheet Mask by Dr.Jart+

Carry-on suitcase with pocket by  AWAY

Carry-on suitcase with pocket by AWAY

Face oil by  Tata Harper

Face oil by Tata Harper