Payment is made in the manner chosen by the Customer from those proposed by CAPSULE PLUME. Are permitted payment by credit card (Visa and Mastercard) or via Paypal online. The order validated by the customer will be considered effective when CAPSULE PLUME have perceived the payment centers concerned, the full amount charged. In case of payment problem, the order will be automatically canceled and the customer will be informed by email.

Credit cards are processed immediately and are the means of payment recommended by CAPSULE DE PLUME for fast delivery.


For safety reasons, if the delivery address is different from the billing address, CAPSULE PLUME and your bank will ask you for additional information, which will slow processing. Once your payment is approved (usually within a few hours), we start processing your order.





1. Payment by credit card:


Customer must send the credit card number, depending on the type of the latter, the expiration date thereof and the number CVC (3 digit number on the back of the card). The Client shall make the payment through the site using the CAPSULE DE PLUME secure CM-CIC p@iement. The PCI DSS is a standard written jointly by the Carte Bleue / Visa and EuroCard / MasterCard. It includes recommendations to ensure the security of confidential information held by companies, such as credit card numbers. Audited Crédit Mutuel CIC received this label for its internet payment solution in 2007.


Since October 2008, a new standard of operational safety in France. It aims to authenticate the holder of a credit card when paying via internet. This standard is marketed under the name of "Verified by Visa" for Visa and "MasterCard SecureCode" for MasterCard.

Its principle is based on the verification of information known only by the holder of the credit card (like the 4-digit code) and will be requested by the bank during transactions on the web.

The Client's bank details are forwarded to a bank that is itself the subject of a security by SSL encryption and data at any time the Customer's bank channeled on the computer system CAPSULE DE PLUME and the number of the card is never printed entirely on the payment card slips.


The responsibility of CAPSULE DE PLUME is therefore clear in this respect. CAPSULE PLUME, together with the payment interface CM-CIC p@iement checks all orders that have been validated on the site. These controls are designed to protect CAPSULE DE PLUME from abusive practices operated by fraudsters. Information in connection with your order are subject to automated processing of data which is responsible for CM-CIC p@iement. The automated processing of data intended to define a level of analysis of a transaction and the fight against fraud credit card.


CAPSULE PLUME and CM-CIC p@iement are the recipients of the data related to your order. Non-transmission of data related to your order prevents the execution and analysis of your transaction. The occurrence of unpaid invoices due to fraudulent use of a credit card will result in the registration details in connection with your order to this payment in a payment incident file implemented by our partner company. A statement or anomalies may also be a specific treatment.


2. Payment by PAYPAL


Where the Customer has chosen payment method PayPal, its financial information has been previously provided to PayPal that a secure and assigned a password to the recipient. In this case, the customer pays online by simply stating his email address and password. No data is sent to CAPSULE DE PLUME, all information is validated directly by PayPal.